Titan’s visit with Dr Zoo

Have you ever had a puppy or know someone who has? If so you would know the joy, laughter and love they can bring to your lives! Enter, Titan… our bundle of trouble, who also is equally, if not exceptionally more talented in bringing mud, dirt, soil and grass into our lives…

Happy Titan

Puppies love to play, eat and sleep…. It’s the play part that is the funniest, but also the most difficult!
Our puppy, Titan became a part of our family earlier this year and having him as part of our lives has been such a precious experience. As you’ll be aware if you’ve had ever had a puppy, they keep your life very interesting. But as Titan settles in our home, so did the grime on his once majestic looking fur coat.

We started researching what products would be best for his black double coat when we received some samples from MooGoo Skin’s Care speciality pet range Dr Zoo; Tame the Mane Grooming Cream and Dr Zoo Shampoo. We’re excited by this because as fast as Titan is clean, he is dirty again! Titan loves to dig and roll in the dirt – it’s a constant struggle to keep his coat clean and fresh.

Dirty Titan

As we got Titan ready for the bath I started applying the Dr Zoo shampoo and the first thing I noticed was there was no scent, which surprised me at first. As we lathered the shampoo we found it frothed up and was easy to apply all around. This was interesting as previously Titan would run around the bath and put up a little bit of a fight, however this time he was calm and really enjoyed his bath.

Clean Titan

One of the main things I noticed on the Dr Zoo Shampoo bottle was that it is sulphate and paraben free and after a quick Google search I found out that it has wonderful natural ingredients such as Glyceryl Oleate, which helps condition the skin and hair, as well as Colloidal Rice Bran, which is known for calming the skin for pets (that explains why he was so calm). This is when I realised that Titan actually smelt clean and wasn’t masked with perfume compared to the first product we tried.

After we dried Titan off it was time to try the Dr Zoo Tame the Mane!

Towel Dry Titan

We applied a small handful and gently rubbed it through his coat, the first thing we noticed was how easy it was to apply the cream throughout his coat and didn’t leave any greasiness. The grooming cream also helped loosen up Titan’s undercoat. After a bit of towel dry and brush it was time for the result, Titan’s coat shined, felt soft and smelt like fresh coconuts…but the best part was that even after three days he still smelt clean!

Clean Happy Titan

We plan to continue to use Dr ZooShampoo and Tame the Mane Grooming Cream because of how happy Titan was with the experience and how his coat still smelt clean after three days! I believe that these all-natural products are a better alternative to other products in the marketplace, especially when you have a puppy who loves to play and get muddy like ours.

So great to work on this lovely Puppy Grooming Care piece with Wings Pr and Dr Zoo.

15 thoughts on “Titan’s visit with Dr Zoo

  1. This is amazing! I might have to go and get some for my dogs 😊

    Would love to see more of little Titan grows, he looks just like my little man. Would love to see more on how his training is and how your handling a new puppy 🐶

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  2. Awww! This makes me miss the times when my GSD Libby was a puppy! Titan is soo cute! A dog shampoo that calms them? I got to try that out for myself!!! My dog is a psycho!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I need to know what kind of dog this is! He looks like a polmeranian/husky/chow mix… I seriously want to snuggle him! And I will look more into this shampoo for sure. I have two Aussies with super long fur coats and every time I give them a shower they still smell. I wonder sometimes if its also their food?

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  4. I took your advice and tried Dr Zoo with amazing results. As I told you my (rescue) dog Noah has horrendous skin allergies and for the past 3 years I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING, every diet, every shampoo, every possible options, hair samples sent to the USA, thousands of dollars on various other tests, all sorts of medications then just two washes with Dr Zoo and his once constant scratching has just about stopped!!! (Although he now licks his feet!!,). I cannot believe the results. His fur is so soft and stays that way between his grooming sessions. After three agonising years of trying everything to ease his scratching and itching, a simple conversation with you in the dog park has given him these amazing results. My other little rescue, an Australian Silky Terrier, is also loving her Dr Zoo products. I cannot thank you enough.

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